History highlights

Web-based tools that support human and organizational development have always been the lifeblood of CareerStorm. Take a look at some of our highlights of our history. We continue to selectively offer our web-services to consulting and coaching companies in addition to developing our own tools. For more information visit UP Tools Ltd.

2014 CareerStorm Navigator successfully supports phone coaching

UP Partners Ltd, Finland's largest phone coaching services company offered the CareerStorm Navigator to one fifth of its clients during 2013. This marks a 21% increase from the previous year. Integration of a web-based tool to a phone coaching process has proven incredibly valuable. In a short time UP Partners is able to offer a very comprehensive self-reflection process and clear action points to clients contemplating their next career move.

UP Partners works in collaboration with professional associations and unions to offer career planning, job search and leadership training to their members. In 2014 over 220 000 members had the option value to access these personal phone coaching services.

2013 CareerStorm remains a brand under new company name UP Tools

CareerStorm remains an independent brand through a restructuring process in which the official company name is changed to reflect a broader strategy. The company has been offering web-services to organizational and leadership consulting companies since 2010. Thus the name CareerStorm no longer reflected accurately all of the company's services. The official name of the company behind the CareerStorm brand is now UP Tools Ltd. Visit the web-site:

CareerStorm brand represents the CareerStorm Navigator tool. CareerStorm Navigator is globally available and actively used by career professionals delivering support to individuals in various career/life transitions. The tool is offered in English, French, German, Dutch, Swedish and Finnish.

2013 Business students strengthen their career skills

HELBUS, Helsinki School of Business in Helsinki, Finland offers an innovative course on personal and professional development to its graduating students. Students use CareerStorm Navigator to identify their strengths, to focus their career objectives and to build career skills that will serve them for a life-time.

2012 New partner in the Netherlands

Dutch language version of CareerStorm Navigator is built in collaboration with Marlou Gulikers of LUMI communicatie & training, based in the Netherlands. Ms Gulikers will also act as representative of CareerStorm in the Netherlands.

2007-2012 IMD's MBA students use CareerStorm Navigator

All the new MBA Talent students at IMD will be granted access to CareerStorm Navigator as part of the career services offered to them. Students also receive personal coaching ensuring they make the most of the results and get other personalized support to make the most of their degree.

2008 Outplacement services in Switzerland

Von Rohr & Associates, an outplacement company based in Geneva, Switzerland, includes CareerStorm Navigator to their portfolio of tools to use with clients. The company is well respected and their services are of the highest quality.

2008 Supporting management team development

CareerStorm develops Leadership Team Success Index™, a web-based survey tool, for Hunting Minds Ltd. The company that pioneers in leadership team development uses it to collect information about the current and ideal states of leadership teams.

Helena Ňhman
We used to have to do a lot of manual work to compile the results, but now we get them automatically and fast, without risking mistakes. We are happy to cooperate with CareerStorm as they are flexible and ready to develop the tool further. A new project is already in place, says Helena Åhman, Chairman of the Board and Chief Creative Officer.

2007 From Switzerland to South Africa

World map

CareerStorm partner network expands to Switzerland, Sweden and South Africa. Partners use CareerStorm Navigator in career training and coaching and sell it to their customers.

2006 CareerStorm starts up a sister company UP Partners

CareerStorm updates its strategy and a decision is made to start a new sister company, UP Partners. CareerStorm will continue to offer international web-services. All coaching services will be offerend through UP Partners in Finland. Web-site in Finnish:

2006 More efficient client training

CareerStorm begins to produce webcasts for use in training new customers and in providing an orientation to clients using CareerStorm Navigator. Coaches and clients can learn about the features and usage of CareerStorm Navigator flexibly regardless of time and place.

2005 Finland's career expert

The founder of CareerStorm, Heidi Viljamaa, continues to talk about career and life development in the media. She encourages lawyers to develop their career navigation skills in Lakimiesuutiset:

Heidi Viljamaa
The best opportunities are not necessarily given to the best expert, but to the best career negotiator. They know their strengths and are able to create solutions for real-life problems and establish new contacts.

2004 Yellow Edge serves the public sector organizations

Nowadays one of Australia's largest providers of executive coaching services, Yellow Edge, starts using CareerStorm Navigator as part of their career coaching and career planning programs. The career coaching focus is on public sector organizations such as the government panels of the Federal Australian Public Service Commission and Queensland.

Andrew Simon
Coaching process is an effective way to develop individuals within organizations. Our way of running this is facilitated by CareerStorm Navigator. It helps us to ensure the quality of the coaching process by encouraging employee to think proactively and providing the coach with this personal data, says Andrew Simon, Executive Director.

2003 Focus on consulting and coaching organizations

CareerStorm Navigator

CareerStorm enters a new field by introducing CareerStorm Navigator, the second generation set of web-based career and life development tools. Clients enjoy having their own account on the web that allows them to save and edit their self-reflections. New easy to use interface for coaches is created for managing their clients' reports. Combined with coaching, CareerStorm Navigator becomes an essential part of career development processes in client organizations.

1999 Storm Navigator to


Storm Navigator expands to, which develops into the world's leading online career portal by the end of 2001. The career toolkit serves people in 14 European countries and Canada.

1998 CareerStorm is born

Storm Navigator

The story of CareerStorm starts with Storm Navigator, a set of web-based tools for supporting career and life development. Thousands of job seekers go to the website of Oikotie, hosted by Finland's leading daily newspaper Helsingin Sanomat, to plan their careers and CVs and simulate work interviews.