"I realize that there is a BIG distinction between what CareerStorm is doing and what 'traditional' career management tools are doing..." - Tim, Australia

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CareerStorm NavigatorTM for private coaches
Tool for you and your clients

Unique approach

CareerStorm Navigator is a career tool of 21st century. Unlike traditional tests, it offers a personal and meaningful learning process that helps individuals to make choices that in accordance with their personal interests and values. It is an empowering, user-friendly web-based tool designed to empower meaningful dialogues about career and life.

Set of tools

CareerStorm Navigator consists of seven unique career tools. With the help of these tools and your support your clients will create unique maps and compasses based on their own interests, values, skills and styles. On things that truly matter to them. The map and the compass will then guide them through all kinds of transitions they come along in their lives. It will become easier for them to remember what it is that they want from life and how to pursue it. CareerStorm Navigator does not give standard answers but rises questions for your client to reflect on and to discuss with you.

For you CareerStorm Navigator is a great tool to maximize the effect of your coaching, widen the breadth of your services and to enhance their accessibility. You will be able to help more people from all varieties of life with less time and yet offer them high-quality service. In addition to the seven career tools you get your own administrator's view to the system. You arrive to a view, where the list of End-users is visible and where their results can be reviewed. Administrators can also access an online self-study guide. It includes extensive information on how to use CareerStorm Navigator with End-users, e.g. providing an orientation, inviting and administering access, and reviewing and debriefing results.

» A quick review of the seven career tools

Additional materials

CareerStorm provides you with additional materials that support the effective use of CareerStorm Navigator. Additional materials include a users' guide for you as well as for your clients. Public material for marketing purposes is also available.

True value for your money - with CareerStorm Navigator you get all this!
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CareerStorm Navigator operates as an ASP-Service. It can be accessed from any computer connected to the Internet via web-browsers (e.g. Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Opera). CareerStorm Navigator is hosted at CareerStorm's own servers and you'll be granted a license to use CareerStorm Navigator over the web. In other words, you won't have to install anything on your own computer and CareerStorm will be at your use anywhere you move.

Everyone using the system signs in with a username and password and is directed to their private view of the system. You will have an administrator's view of the system and you will be able to control your clients´ access to the system. You can also customize the text and links on the end-users' (your clients) home page. All End-users arrive on this page after signing in and before entering CareerStorm NAvigator.

Security and privacy

CareerStorm servers are situated in a high class centre equipped with techniques that guarantee high usability. All the information transferred is well safe and the connections are highly reliable because of doubled back up solutions. The administrator or the career coach is able to see the client's answers via the system so there's no need to use e-mail to send private information.

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» Security and access

How to get started - Training for new administrators

CareerStorm offers all new administrators a three step training to get you started with your new tool. Aim of this training is to review all key features of the CareerStorm Navigator software so that it's easy to introduce it to clients and integrate to existing work processes. You'll be introduced to the seven sections of the career tool and the administrator's features. You'll be advised how to debrief the results with clients and how to integrate career tool into a total process. Training will be based on self study materials and supported by one hour online consultation by CareerStorm's managing director Ms. Heidi Viljamaa. Training is easy to access from all parts of the world over the web and easy to adjust to your own timetables. Administrator's handbook including extensive information on how to use CareerStorm Navigator with End-users, e.g. providing an orientation, inviting and administering access, and reviewing and debriefing results will be at your use at all times. One to one -coaching is also available at extra cost.

» Outline of new administrator training

» View of the eight module self study materials included in CareerStorm Navigator

How to buy CareerStorm Navigator

For private practitioners we offer a license that allows use the CSN as a part of the Customer's own services, and use of the trademarks which CareerStorm applies to CareerStorm Navigator for marketing and providing services with respect to the CSN.

Start-up license includes one language version (Finnish, English, Swedish, French, German) of CareerStorm Navigator, new administrator training, setting up administrators, self-study material, the annual rental fee for the first year and three end user (client) accounts. Additional user accounts, consulting, programming and language versions are available at extra cost according to the Fee Schedule.

An agreement will be made between you and CareerStorm to state the general and private terms of use. You will gain access to the software as Administrator and to additional materials in digital format as soon as the agreement has been signed by both parties.

You can leave your order through CareerStorm Navigator during your trial period or use the following order form to ask for an offer.

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