Career professionals' testimonials

"I realize that there is a BIG distinction between what CareerStorm is doing and what "traditional" career management tools are doing... you are working in the "subjective" realm, and other tools are more "objective." The subjective realm really honors where a person is at, while the objective makes the person like an object that can be analyzed. I really, deeply appreciate what you are doing."

"This career tool is very thought provoking. It allows users to come up with 'their answers' that are more aligned with their career goals and aspirations. Clients indicate that this self-assessment process challenges them in areas where they've been procrastinating. They also have a greater sense of ownership of their careers and more initiative to take action on their results."

"I've taken numerous career assessments. This product I would give a 5 star rating. I'm a firm believer that most folks know what they really want to do job/careerwise, however, there are very few assessments designed that challenges a person to look deeply inside and "pull it out" along with the assistance of a career coach."

"Clients have consistently told me that they like seeing their thoughts in writing. They have also told me that they like the prioritizing; it helps them to evaluate whether their lives reflect their priorities or not. They are intrigued by the online process and find it helpful. They need discussion afterwards to integrate/confirm what they have learned and to decide what actions to take as a result of this information."

"Site administration is intuitive and very user friendly. Frankly, I do not see what more you could do to improve it! The career tools themselves are also very user friendly."